Light spanking: If she has not experienced the ultimate sensation of spanking,  approach her gently. Start by stroking and rubbing her ass and lightly slap her butt. Gradually beat her butt more often and with greater intensity. Keep the constant blows on her buttocks in a rhythmic pace – which will have a potentially transcendental effect.

21 spanked in stockings.jpg
Biting: If done right and biting can supply some incredibly erotic pleasure offer. Slowly kiss and eventually start nibbling on different parts of the body including (but not limited to) her neck, shoulders, hips, outer thighs and buttocks. Depending on their response, bite with more intensity. but do not to break the skin – this is not good.

Hair pulling: Sometimes let your girlfriend to put deliberately her hair into a ponytail or braids during foreplay, so that you could pull on them while you make love with her doggy style. By this way, you can put your hands on the back of her head, pulling her head back by the roots of the hair, she is forced to lean back while at the tip, and you come to penetrate fully. Try it.

Keep Her down through the wrists: There are times when she wants to move her hands all over your body, but do not let them. Pin her arms by the wrists down and do not allow them to move it at all. The best place to do this is against a wall.


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