1- Gondola
Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, or head to the top of a mountain, for any reason, use the opportunity to engage in a quickie in a gondola. The ride up the mountain is on a new meaning.

2- Top of a mountain

If you’re feeling bold, head to a secluded spot at the top of a mountain and get your groove on. She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes.
3- Cross-country skiing / snowshoeing
If you decide to take on a winter day, the scenic route, you are bound to find a place where you stop and penetrate. Sex in a winter landscape will definitely leave with a new appreciation for the season.

4- Log Cabin
Head up to a deserted cabin with your wife and enjoy a little more privacy. You can decide it get along inside or outside.

5- Swedish spa
If you have ever been in a Swedish Spa, you know that the hot tub, sauna and pool promote sexual behavior. Treat your wife to a day at the spa and use the opportunity to have sex, or at least produce sexual thoughts in the sauna.


Whereever you are, do it Prolargent 5×5 Extreme!



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