If you are planning a night to remember,chocolate can be your friend.Chocolate improves blood flow to the brain and heart.

1) Roman style: When feeding your partner chocolate is a natural part of foreplay. In the dominant-submissive dynamic working chocolate consumption that much more to make sensual Get the dominant partner lying on the bed, naked or dressed in something silky and sexy; then slowly the hand feed him / her fruits dipped in warm chocolate to touch his / her lips and him / her licking your fingers. If you pamper yourself or submissive love in bed, is this little game can be a real winner.

2) Sensitive sucking: Each partner has different sensitive points on his / her body, and in this capitalization is a resounding yes. Applying melted chocolate on areas such as nipples, ears, toes and thighs then from the mouth and tongue cleaning your partner will guarantee a hot time. If you have worked yourself your partner cute butt hole licking upward from, it can also be a happy help.

3) Hide and Seek: Blindfold your partner and blob chocolate anywhere on the naked body. Then make your partner try to “find” to the chocolate with his / her mouth. If he / she does, replace places.It can be a fun, slow way to excited about if you and your partner to enjoy near intimacy.


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  1. ulvar says:

    choclate .. sex…both of them will be good , i’ll try:)

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