Five Surprising Health Benefits of Sex!

Posted: May 2, 2016 in sex life
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1.Reduces Pain:

Before you reach for an aspirin, try for an orgasm.Orgasm can block pain, she is a hormone that your pain threshold helps increase.


2.Improves Sleep:

You can more quickly after sex, and the nod for good reason.After orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released, which is liable for the feelings of relax and sleepiness after sex.


3. Counts as exercise:

Sex is a really great form of exercise, it will not replace the treadmill, but it counts for something.Sex uses about five calories per minute, four more calories than watching TV. It gives you a one-two punch: It rateand your heart different muscles used bumps on.
You can even make for them on a regular basis, time you want to clear your schedule.


 4. Lowers heart attack risk:

A good sex life is good for the heart. Also a great way to increase your heart rate, helps sexual keep your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance.
Sex can help more often. During a study men who had sex at least twice a week were half as likely to die of heart disease than men who had sex rarely.


5.Eases stress:

Being close to your partner can soothe stress and anxiety. Sexual arousal releases a brain chemical that your brain pleasure and reward system to speed.
Sex and intimacy can boost your self-esteem and happiness, too. There is no single recipe for a healthy life, but a happy one.


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  2. John says:

    Your method of describing all in this paragraph is
    actually good, every one can effortlessly understand it,
    Thanks a lot.

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