Sex can be a bond or love experience be a formality, fun and exciting, or even immoral or illegal. Whatever you want to call it, there is no doubt that sex the world go around makes. Every culture is different, with different customs and styles of life, and that is a perfect word to describe these specific practices: Various.


Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt is so sexualized culture, with very few social stigmas for most free men and women. The ebb and flow of the Nile was thought to be caused by their god of creation ejaculation. This idea is the Pharaohs – with their God-given power – ritual in the Nile masturbating an wealth of water to provide the cultures. During the Egyptian festival of the god Min, the Pharaoh represented sexual power, men masturbated in public.


Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece is one of the most sexually productive and accepting societies in historical period. Homosexuality was a regular social convention, publicly embraced, but Ancient Greece tolerance alone is not what makes their sexual culture bizarre. Sexual desire was indistinctive by the sex of two characters. By an active / passive role played by each participant The “active” person is the penetrator, mirrors its role in society with high status, adulthood and masculinity. The “passive” person was steeped, mirroring her submissive role as someone standing low, and a more youthful face with femininity associated.



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