There are many things to love about summer – iced coffee, eat dinner, go to the beach-another season of not the least of which is having outdoor sex. If the weather is hot and your hormones are all fired up, here are five places to get outside this summer.
On A Roof In A City Under The Stars

The faint sound of traffic, horns, and drunken revelers below as the only soundtrack.

On A Boat
Allow to set the motion of the ocean at your own pace!

In A Tent In The Woods
Just be sure to spray your whole body with bug spray first. Mosquito bites on naughtybits are no fun. Not fun.

On The Beach
All sex appeal less sand in your deepest gorges.

In A Convertible While On A Road Trip
Pull the first, obvs, but for the extra thrill of risking getting caught, do it on the shoulder of a single lane highway.


Whereever you are, do it with Prolargent 5×5 Extreme!

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