If you think women do not fantasize about sitting very naughty things, think again. Women are experts when it comes to coming up with the more brutal fantasies, and they do not bother to limit itself to traditional.

Threesome with another woman
Threesome fantasy is rarely get playtime with the second hottie, as most girlfriends don’t want to see that hitting their patner with another woman. In this scenario, you’re meant to play voyeur until your woman is ready for something more hardcore. This allows her to experience the best of both worlds, without worrying about things like jealousy or sharing.

She might cringe when you bring the topic of making homemade porn movies, but your wife has probably fantasized about doing just that at one time or another. Unfortunately, most women are experimenting too body-conscious to the present, making this a fantasy, as opposed to a reality.

Private Dancer
Most women would not have the guts to strip in a public institution, but this fantasy is certainly going to take it off. She loves the idea of tantalizing you with a striptease, and she would like to give you a private lap dance. Why? Your enjoyment tells her you find her attractive, and your erection tells her she has control – a potent combination that women simply can not get enough enlivening and slightly taboo. They may fantasize about peeping through to catch the bedroom window of the neighbours spying on a kinky couple in the park or even a full-on orgy from the sidelines.


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