Orgasms are better with a partner
Solo sessions are fun, but you want to double to receive up to furthest ecstasy.
After orgasm, the body releases a hormone called prolactin. It closes in essence, your sex drive for up to one hour, that is why you may find yourself suddenly bored with that porn video you were watching.
But researchers found both men and women release 400 percent more prolactin after  relation compared to a masturbation-induced orgasm, which is why post-sex spooning still feels wonderful.


You may do it again and again, if you’re lucky
For most guys, the typical refractory period-the time between your recent orgasm and when you’re able to get it up again is anywhere from several minutes to an hour.
By taking blood samples right after the man masturbated to some porn, the researchers found that his body produced actually zero extra prolactin post-orgasm, that they surmised allowed him to achieve his multi-orgasmic feat.

Your belly can bring your -err-output
The average amount of ejaculate released during orgasm is 3.4 milliliter , which is less than a teaspoon, unless you’re overweight.
Men with a body mass index greater than 30 were 69 percent more likely to produce 2 ml or less of semen during ejaculation.
The researchers weren’t sure whether all that extra fat around your middle hurts sperm production by allowing your cojones to overheat, or if the same lack of exercise and poor diet that leads to weight gain might also decrease the volume of your semen.


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