•  A ferris wheel: Request a private cab and take things slowly while you’re on top of the world. Yes, things can get shaky, so do not get carried away.
  • A nightclub or concert:Pumping and grinding plus low lights and sexy music allow you to make bold moves without making it obvious that you’re not just dancing.
  •  Cinema: A cinema hand job is fun, but try sitting in the last row and really getting it on.
  • Public transport: Late night and you’re alone in the subway car with your sweetheart. Make it a quickie and have exciting oral sex or sexual intercourse before the next stop.


  • The hood of a car: Sure it’s exciting to have sex in a car, but the hood is hotter. Do as those car models and slip and slide across the hood of your car.
  • On the kitchen counter: Gives a whole new meaning to eating in.
  • On a washing machine during the spin cycle. Think of it as one big sex toy.
  • On a boat: As long as you do not get seasick.
  • At the office: Before or after work hours when your colleagues are not around.
  • A parking space: In or out of the car. Your choise. I would just stay away from that big spotlight if you’re not looking for extra attention.
  • On a roof, or a roof deck: Everything is possible.
  • In a public park on a walk: Perhaps at the top of a mountain, or under a waterfall. Best option is not caught is off the beaten path.


  • In an airplane, but not airplane bathroom: Try getting your jollies under a blanket on a long overnight flight.
  • In the stacks in a library: For geek sex!
  • In an old high school or college classroom or lecture hall.
  • Abandoned buildings are not just for squatters, try to find a way in and out for a new place to try
  • On a balcony: Because it’s hot and the kind of private.
  • In the bathroom of a bakery or other restaurant: It is perhaps not the cleanest, but we are talking about getting down and dirty here.



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