Teach yourself
Check out some books on sex positions or female orgasm. These are all fun topics to brush up on, so it should not ever feel like a chore!
Respect that she is unique
Learn about sex in general is important, but it is equally important to realize that different things work for different women. What one woman likes won’t necessarily be a hit for the other. Any time you are with someone new, get to know her body, just as you would get to know about her as a person.

Do not expect them to work as you do
If you want to be a good partner for women, you should respect the fact that there are major differences in the ways men and women feel desire, get aroused, and experience fun. Get to know what makes her tick.
Care about her pleasure
Ask her how you can make the evening more enjoyable for her. Focus on her body. Tell her how much it turns you on to hear her moans. There is nothing sexier than knowing that your partner is genuinely enjoying bringing you pleasure.

Open, honest communication is one of the pillars of the fantastic sex. It is of vital importance for many different reasons. You need to be able to tell her what your desires are, and to ask what hers are. It’s important to give feedback about what each of you likes.


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