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Prolargent 5×5 extreme asks that what do you think ED?

Impotence has a psychological effect on most men, also when the cause of the problem is purely a physical one. Erectile Dysfunction may also cause relationship problems. You konow that many men have this problems, you are not alone. we advice for a happier sex life to use prolargent 5×5 extreme which solves erectile dysfunction problem.

Feelings of those who have an erectile dysfunction problems are:

  • Feeling ashamed
  • Feeling ‘less like a man’ or a ‘loss of manhood’
  • A sense of distrust
  • Feeling guilty about their dysfunction
  • Low self-respect
  • Scared of being intimate with their partner
  • Angry and aggressive
  • Afraid of approached a new sexual partner
  • Anxiety about not being able to pleasure their partner
  • Unhappy for his loss

Common feelings partners of men  with Erectile Dysfunction problems are:

  • Complex/Frustrated
  • Upset for him, or even for themselves, about not having an erect penis in the bedroom anymore
  • Desperate, not sure where to go for support
  • Some partners, women in particular, are relieved their man’s penis is not all they get into the bedroom anymore
  • Rejected/Unloved, not sure if their partner is still into them
  • Feeling homely
  • Guilty about not being able to make their partner’s penis erect
  • Scared/worried that he is having an issue
  • Worried about the health and wellbeing of their loved ones
  • Distrust about his love

Prolargent 5×5 extreme corrects known mistakes :

  • Sexual encounters and intercourse should just go spontaneously- NOT TRUE
  • Just the man should start sex – NOT TRUE
  • Enough sexual thoughts should always make the penis erect without any direct sexual stimulation – NOT TRUE
  • Both partners must achieve an orgasm every time and at the same time- NOT TRUE
  • There is no sex without a hard erection – NOT TRUE
  • Guys should be ready and able to last all night all the time – NOT TRUE

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argan-girl-on-dropTantra is a Sanskrit word that means woven together. Hindu and Buddhist meditation practitioners use sexual union as a metaphor for weaving together the physical and the spiritual: weaving male to female, and humanity to the divine. The goal is to be one with God.

Start by facing each other and gazing into each eyes’clothes on. Focus on one of the eyes of your partner; This keeps you intimately exposed.  Eyes are windows to the soul, so you’re staring into his soul, he in yours. Then synchronize your breathing: Breathe together, breath apart. Check for air exchange: You inhales as he breathes, exhale when he inhales, like being in the breathing together. Practice this for at least 15 minutes.african-american-art-intimacy-sexTo consider this sexual Tantra, try the same process, but with clothes. Sitting on his lap, facing him, and wrap your legs around his waist. Do the breath exchange, but move to kiss and caress. Over time starts slowly intercourse, but keep caressing and kissing. Maintain eye contact. Here’s where things get interesting; if you become more proficient, you can develop the ability for extended orgasm. For both men and women, this is a variation on multiple orgasms; you remain at the peak of ecstatic pleasure without climax. There are all the feelings of a typical orgasm, but it takes many minutes without a traditional orgasm. This leads to serious sexual and emotional merging.65In our modern overscheduled lives, we rarely stop and focus intently on our partner. Practicing tantric sex your relationship and you can enhance sexual pleasure in different ways. Prolargent 5×5 Extreme can also improve your sexual level in a herbal way. ordernow (1)


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Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, are unable to orgasm or you just want to improve your sex life, it’s important to exercise your “sex” muscles. These are the groups of muscles directly involved in the sexual act.

The stronger your sexual muscles, the more likely you’re able to be able to get the sexual act including erection supervision under control will be, how long you can last as well as the ability to time the implementation of orgasms during sex. Strengthen your core muscles sex with these three simple exercises, so you can stop with collapse into an exhausted heap for your partner is sexually satisfied.


It is important to note that some exercises do not do much to increase your sexual pleasure and this includes walking. Although better than no exercise, walking only targeting some of your muscle groups and it is not enough by itself to increase your sexual stamina.


You’ve heard the old adage use it or lose it right Your sex muscles are like any other muscle. If you do not make regular use (masturbation does not count) they will lose size and strength. When a muscle loses power, it is not working properly. And if your sex muscles do not work properly, it is embarrassing for you to be in bed.


Prolargent 5×5 Extreme provides all the things you need for your sexual health

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There are many things to love about summer – iced coffee, eat dinner, go to the beach-another season of not the least of which is having outdoor sex. If the weather is hot and your hormones are all fired up, here are five places to get outside this summer.
On A Roof In A City Under The Stars

The faint sound of traffic, horns, and drunken revelers below as the only soundtrack.

On A Boat
Allow to set the motion of the ocean at your own pace!

In A Tent In The Woods
Just be sure to spray your whole body with bug spray first. Mosquito bites on naughtybits are no fun. Not fun.

On The Beach
All sex appeal less sand in your deepest gorges.

In A Convertible While On A Road Trip
Pull the first, obvs, but for the extra thrill of risking getting caught, do it on the shoulder of a single lane highway.


Whereever you are, do it with Prolargent 5×5 Extreme!

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A normal erection is the result of complex interactions between the psyche, the central hormones, blood vessels and smooth muscle of the penis. A fault in one or more of these levels may lead to erectile problems.

Cardiovascular Problems
Any condition that blood vessel network of the body of influence can cause erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure and high cholesterol that causes arteriosclerosis, including those of the penis.

Hormonal Problems
Endocrine imbalances can cause soft erection. Testosterone plays an important role in healthy erectile function and normal levels are essential for a good operation. Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of increased prolactin and thyroid hormone levels. Reduced thyroid hormone amounts can cause weak erections.


Peyronie’s Disease
Peyronie’s disease is caused by an abnormality of the penile tissue. It results in scarring and inflammation of the penis. It is associated with a painful curvature of the penis and an abnormal erection.



1- Bite her
It may sound evil, but in fact biting is quite sexy and one of the most exciting things you can do in your sex life, if done correctly. You will not chew or take out chunks of meat. What will you do, however, is much more subtle: open your mouth on a shoulder, buttocks, or other fleshy area (their side or thigh) and try to close your jaw by gentle pressure. Your teeth should never join in the middle, triggering her with the teeth is not what you’re after.

2- Oil Up
Oil as a medium for your sexual graphics is not new, but it is often underutilized. Oil provides a smooth surface for your sex game, and sometimes more is better. The oil should be vegetable-based and smell good. Ylang Ylang essential oil is a sedative and aphrodisiac. The oil should be smooth, like an almond-based oil. Grab a shower curtain, oil yourselves and and slip slide your way to orgasm.

3-Spank her
Spanking is consistent with biting, but is more pronounced and does not hurt; However, it is a scientifically proven fact that buttock beatings while aroused tricks the body awakened in the translation the smack as pleasure and provides a rush of blood to the area.
4- Food
Having a sexy picnic in bed, is a great way to mix food and sex. Stay away from very spicy food (unless you both really like it), how it can be arid on the breath. Stick to fruit and cheese plates, and use your body as the plate. Decadence and pleasure will grow more, so take some food to bed and have a sensual couple of hours to enjoy each other’s company.


5- Prolargent 5×5 Extreme



You should avoid premature ejaculation while trying new sex tips and you should stay hard and erected to be able to continue the intercourse. You can do it Prolargent 5×5 Extreme. Seducing and stimulating has never been so delicious! You deserve the best, even in the bed. Get what you deserve with Prolargent 5×5 Extreme!