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Premature ejaculation is one of most common sexual health condition thesedays that men have.But with few tips you can change your sex life to better and last longer in bed:

1.Squeeze technique

When you are sexually thrilled and have an erect penis, press the tip of the penis where the skin units with the tip of the penis (frenulum). Use your thumb to press the frenulum against your index finger. The pressing has to be sturdy but not too painful and should last not over than 15-20 seconds. To make this method to work, you should be able to feel the point beyond which you can’t manage ejaculation. When you are about to extend that point, you or your partner can press and then start again.

2.Stop-start technique

An orinary teaching practıce is to stimulate your penis but stop stimulation before you reach the ejaculation point. Relax for 30 to 60 seconds and then begin stimulating your penis over again, stopping for a few seconds of point of inevitability. You should repeat this cycle of stimulation-relax-further stimulation, five or six times before let yourself to ejaculate.There are three stages you can try this technique:

Dry hand

Hand with some form of lubrication

During vaginal penetration or intercourse

Note: All of these methods are simple to read but may not be easy to practice. It might not work in first one or two experience. You could try kegel exercises to increase your sexual life too.



This is other method that has evidence successful. It also helps you respect your body more and trains your mind. Also there’s no tension of truly having a partner. You can learn the above methods by masturbating yourself. This is an great ocassion to learn, and exercise your mind before you have sexual carnal with another person. If your partner is responsive, then it is even better to include your partner in this practice.A lot of men have moral and health interest about masturbation. However, there is nothing wrong with the experience and it really has health benefits.

4.Premature Ejaculation Pills

Prolargent 5×5 Extreme pills is %100 safe and known for its active and most essential ingredient: herbal extracts. This primarily increases men’s potency which helps your body maximize serotonin as well as improve your good feeling. Prolargent 5×5 Extreme pills helps men reduce stress,boost potency and fertility,improve sperm quality and stop premature ejaculation troubles.




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Sex is mental – when you are too excited, you could come early. Therefore calm your mind. It’s okay to think about other things. Whatever it takes you to get you to slow down your thoughts.


2.Do not rush

You will eventually reach orgasm. Yes, it feels good and you are excited, but slow your roll and let her have fun.

3. Exchange positions

We all know the movements and body that feel the best, the key is make to our way for them. And maybe even leave and come back later. If you really feel like you will go blow up, change the position to stay longer and choose a position which feels best to you. Change it for a few times and pleasure her between them, and she will think you are professional, not only delaying the inevitable.


4. Slow and Steady

The best way to win the race, is a steady start and a strong finish. The same can be said for the great sex. The best way to enhance the sex is to extend the foreplay. Really teasing each other will work. Get her off a couple of times when she wants to experience multi-orgasm. Once, all the pressure is gone, you will be more relaxed and and eliminate premature ejaculation. The thing that will help you to be slow and steady is Prolargent 5×5 Extreme. You will feel the effect as you take it within 45 minutes and it will gain you the strength and the sexual stamina you are looking for and you will have enough time to please her.





1.Change your sex positions
For a firmer and bigger erection, always be on the top of your lady. Try top sexual positions like the famous missionary or doggy style. These sexual positions allowing more blood flow into the penis promise you a strong and hard erection.
2. Have sex more often
The most simple and easy way to have a rock hard erection and increase your testosterone levels is often indulging in sex.

3. Avoid fatty foods
If you want to make your partner crazy, then stay out fatty meals before sex. Fatty foods and excess fat consumption will reduce testosterone levels in the body then, decrease your libido and erection and ejaculation will be more difficult.

4. Begin with foreplay
Most men do not understand the importance of foreplay. Spending enough time with foreplay helps little shooter to warm before intercourse. Therefore always spend, some time in foreplay before thinking about the ejaculation.


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