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Increase your sex drive and overall satisfaction with your sex life with exercise. In addition to reducing stress, exercise will release endorphins, enhance body image and sense of self and positively affect the hormones.

Make An Impact
Cardiovascular exercise is particularly good for increasing libido. You reduce your stress and cortisol levels, which can affect your sex drive. You also increase blood flow to all areas of your body, including your sexual organs. Even light exercise can help.


Libido Lift
Strength training directly affects your libido by increasing testosterone. Focus on your big muscle groups and do not exercise on the same muscles on consecutive days. Stick with higher weight and fewer repetitions to increase your testosterone levels. While women produce less testosterone – about one tenth of men – it still has a powerful effect on libido levels and the power of orgasm for both sexes.

Press Tight
Cones are exercises that repeatedly push the pelvis floor. This is also the muscle that helps you keep urine. The kegel exercise can help increase your sex drive by creating sexual energy and increasing the muscle tone in the pelvic floor. In women, kegels helps to strengthen the vagina’s muscles and to have stronger orgasm. In men, they can be used as an exercise to delay ejaculation.


Ecstatic Yoga
Yoga practice has long been known for its potential to increase libido. Yoga focuses on stretching and energy flow. Stretching in itself can help improve orgasm and increase libido, as sexual energy is released through yoga practice.

Sex itself can be an exercise to increase your libido. While it seems to be contraceptive to have more sex to increase your sex drive, sexual energy and flow can often be flammable.


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Male orgasm concerns contractions of the PC muscle, anal, perineum and the penis, and the feeling of pumps or knocking, taking the average man for three to five minutes to reach an orgasm and the feeling of ejaculation orgasm can be increase. Important to remember that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate events, like a man to ejaculate can have an orgasm without.

Breathe More
Holding your breath away the depth and intensity of orgasm that can be improved and even enhanced through slow and deep breathing. Once you feel you climax, remember to take a deep breath from the belly and breathe deeply the count of four and exhale slowly from the mouth to the count of four, and let your breath away by the wave of orgasm.
Penis Pump
Many men have trouble maintaining erections, or they are simply not happy with the size of it. Penis pumps are a great way to literally pump yourself for sex, and when used in conjunction with a cock ring, they can make it last you much longer than you normally would


Prostate Massagers
Prostate massagers are great toys for boys and will be an integral part of your toy box. They come in different thicknesses, but most of them are usually thin with a bulbous end purposefully designed to slip easily into your anus and stimulate your prostate. They are sleek, lightweight and easy to care for, and offer the most intense orgasms.



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Foreplay is clarified as ‘a set of intimate psychological and physical acts between two people that is to create and increase sexual arousal and this includes a huge range of activities, from the less obvious like touching someone’s face or hugging to the more obvious like massage, heavy petting or oral sex.


A good session of foreplay will ensure your lady is ready, willing and excited about the sex. Her inhibitions will be lowered and her emotional comfort with you increased; but equally as importantly, her body will be able to prepare itself for penetration. Her clitoris will become erect, her cervix will rise up to stretch out the vaginal canal (make room for you), and her vagina will become lubricated.

This preparation means when you are in her it will be much more comfortable and enjoyable for her and for you. Most women need prolonged clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm, so expanding the duration of foreplay, you may find that she reaches orgasm more easily during penetration. And you may be shocked to learn that for women, foreplay can be the best part of lovemaking!


While men like stimulation in a visual form, for women it all starts in their brain. This means you shouldn’t hurry to reaching for orgasm. Instead care about what her want by talking intimately with her, then start lovemaking slowly by stroking, massaging and kissing her body while gradually becoming more passionate. You should start the intercourse when both of you are fully aroused and unable to control your desires.

As you see, foreplay is very important for a sexual relation. Some men may not be able to expand the time of foreplay and there may occur some problems such us premature ejaculation and erection problems. These problems stalemate the relation and cause dissatisfaction for both you and for your partner.Avoid this with Prolargent 5×5 Extreme! Extend foreplay, extend pleasure!  It is sure to lead to more explosive orgasms for you both.

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You should not hurry to reach orgasm, it’s meant to be fun so relax, enjoy your partner’s body.  If she is satisfied with the sex then she’ll be much willing to satisfy you too. And remember the little secret. Prolargent 5×5 Extreme! practice make perfect!